Shield Mutual nonviolently defends you in case of arrest or other government attack using proactive public relations, crowdsourced political pressure, new and old media, digital fundraising, legal aid and the force of truth.

The Protection You Need, The Evolution You Demand

Shield Mutual defends you against government aggression for a low monthly membership fee. We connect you to mutual aid networks and reach out in real time to those fighting the state alone, all while building a collective bargaining power base for an orderly transition to a freer world.

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What We do for You

The Price of Justice

The price of justice is eternal publicity.
The price of justice is eternal publicity.

“The price of justice,” said 20th century propagandist Arnold Bennett, “is eternal publicity.” That is exactly what Shield Mutual provides for our customers: unlimited, effective and uncompromising publicity, advocacy and leadership.

When governments attack, we spring into action in accordance with your instructions. We connect conscious individuals in a network for maximum impact. We produce a range of appropriate media, from websites and fliers to social media and press releases. Together with the committed community that are our members, we can:

  • Deliver peace of mind, knowing that someone will speak up for you in case of aggression – someone who is under no illusions about the character of the state and its agents and who is not afraid to speak the truth on your behalf even in the face of oppression.
  • Provide leadership, consistency and commitment to your advocacy needs in your moment of greatest difficulty.
  • Prepare ahead of time so that you are in the best possible position in case of attack.
  • Create and distribute a narrative that more accurately represents the truth than anything the police, prosecutor, judge or other bureaucrats will say about you. Since the state justice monopoly is anything but blind, having an immediate impact with a competing narrative in the public relations arena can benefit you greatly.
  • Issue press releases to appropriate libertarian and other media outlets presenting your narrative in the light most likely to garner journalists’ and editors’ attention.
  • Publish a website to serve as a central point of communication for the campaign to free you, or to achieve whatever your goal is.
  • Organize call floods to let your attackers know that we are watching, support you, demand your immediate release, etc.
  • Research legal representation options, vet them and make a recommendation as to the absolute best lawyer for your case, should you wish to hire one.
  • Raise funds to bail you out, to pay a lawyer, to fund a mainstream media distribution of your press release, to sustain you or your family during the crisis or whatever you want to ask for. Successful fundraising also shows the bureaucrats who are watching that the support behind you is more than just symbolic social media comments or angry phone calls, it’s backed by money and lawyers.
  • Coordinate with your friends, allies and family while you are incommunicado.
  • Lead social and other media campaigns to alert supporters to your cause and inspire their solidarity.
  • Plan and execute solidarity actions of whatever nature may be most appropriate.
  • Speak to the media on your behalf and/or arrange interviews for you and/or your spokesperson.
  • Unlimited counseling on how to frame your argument, prepare your talking points and handle media interviews.
  • Reach like-minded individuals who could be inspired by you and might subsequently join our movement and follow in your footsteps.
  • Raise hell however you deem necessary.

An Articulate and Unsilenceable Voice Pressuring your Attackers


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Client Results

Here are some of the results Shield Mutual has helped our customers achieve:

We must hang together or we will hang separately.
We must hang together or we will hang separately.
  • More than $6,000 in legal funds raised for an activist falsely arrested by federal agents in Philadelphia. The serious felony charges against him were quickly dropped by federal prosecutors.
  • More than 70 videos from different individuals and a reach of 60,000 people in support of an activist being defamed by the judge assigned to him as “a very dangerous man.” We organized the campaign, solicited prizes for participating videographers, created a website and even earned media coverage. But, best of all, the judge in question wanted to take the website down.
  • 1,000,000 YouTube views by creating a video of our client’s radio interview after TSA agents in Florida wouldn’t allow her to fly home. We also loaned her funds for a new plane ticket and assisted in raising funds from the community to repay the loan.
  • Release from a mental hospital and funds to get back on her feet for a mom of three. We set up a website and ran a fundraising campaign. A community call flood forced her release. Community donations managed and disbursed by us helped her get back on her feet.
  • Thousands of views for an activist’s cause on YouTube and other social media. We created a website and YouTube video for an activist who was arrested for wearing a hat in court. Thanks to a social media campaign, the activist’s cause was heard far and wide. A community call flood pressured the judge who caged our client.
  • Pressure to release a newborn baby from state custody for a young couple. We created a website and social media campaign for the parents of a newborn baby kidnapped by state social workers. We focused community attention and got the message out online. Community call floods and protests pressured the state agency and the hospital where the baby was kidnapped and was being held. The baby was returned to her parents.
  • Protection from caging and tens of thousands of social media views for a senior citizen activist. We did in-person videotaping to protect a senior activist who was being mistreated and caged for handing out pamphlets in front of courthouses. We recorded, edited and published the videos on YouTube, resulting in tens of thousands of views, a surprising level of social media attention for our client and his cause and effective protection from police abuse for our client.
  • Mainstream media coverage for an activist on a hunger strike in prison. We created a website, social media campaign, CNN iReport and professionally-distributed press release for a hunger-striking activist who refused to submit to prison processing. Due to consistent attention on the part of Shield Mutual and the work of a large community of the activist’s supporters, he did multiple media interviews from prison. After 57 days he was released, having kept his hunger strike.

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What our Customers say About us

I was also thrilled to learn that they would cover me if I landed myself in an international incident. I traveled to Saudi Arabia last October, and although I wasn’t intending any kind of disruption, one never knows when face to face with open tyrants. The trip went off without incident, but knowing I had a media bullhorn at the ready if needed made me just a little more willing to speak my mind when confronted by sociocrats.

What makes this so revolutionary is that it’s proactive. Usually when peaceful people get thrown into cages the friends and family that sympathize with the victim’s plight only begin to organize their response after the arrest. The State is already throwing charges and scheduling hearings while the activists are still tying their shoes. And, usually the victim receives little more than hollow words of support and they’re ground to bits by the gears of the system. Shield Mutual is not reactionary. It’s at the ready when the State strikes. – Davi Barker, blogger, author and activist

In the fall of 2010, after visiting friends in Florida, I went to the Ft. Lauderdale airport to catch my flight home. Although I had no intention of staging a protest that day, the TSA decided to pick me “at random” for additional screening. They responded to my inquiry about a less invasive search option by detaining me, calling in police, putting me through interrogations, lectures, searching all my property, and eventually ripping up my ticket and escorting me out of the airport. At that point, I was stuck in Florida. No money, no plane ticket, and no way home.

Within a few hours, George Donnelly took it upon himself to get news of my predicament out to the world. It took almost no time for him to raise the funds to get me back home, and he even bought me a ticket out of an airport without the body scanners! I made it home safe, not because of the TSA; rather out of the kindness of those who oppose them. – Meg McLain, activist

I purchased a subscription a few months ago. I found the process to be pleasant, and the occasional personal email from George is nice. I hope I never have to call on his services, but I do not doubt that if I do, he will deliver as promised.

In addition, the creation of a free-market mutual protection agency is a win for our movement, and ought to be supported regardless of the likelihood of its being used. – anonymous Shield Mutual customer

One reason I took the step is that if I had to draw up a list of activists I’d like to have working for my release and publicizing my situation were I detained by state gangsters, Shield Mutual proprietor George Donnelly would show up somewhere near the top of that list.

Another reason I joined Shield Mutual is that I’m very interested in “building the new society in the shell of the old,” and projects like this one seem to be a very good first step. – Thomas L. Knapp, author, writer and activist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Email us and we’ll be glad to answer it.

Pre-Sales Questions

What does it mean that Shield Mutual will cover someone?

When you are on the receiving end of some unwanted government action, such as (but not limited to) arrest, physical assault, child kidnapping and/or imprisonment, you need concrete help and experienced advice – fast.

You may need bail money. You may need funds to pay for a lawyer. You may need a press release and/or video to counter the government narrative that you are “dangerous” or “irresponsible” – two favorites of theirs.

You may need a central website to keep your networks and the world informed of your situation, so they can help you by putting pressure on your captors or accusers. Perhaps you need donations, character witnesses or just solidarity and friendship.

Your situation would certainly benefit from a steady and experienced hand to share your story and request for help on social networks and old media.

That’s what Shield Mutual coverage is.

When governments attack, people get scared. You feel very alone. Family and friends may not completely abandon you, but they won’t know what to do to help you. They may, in fact, give you terrible advice. In the worst case, they may actually hurt you further.

Shield Mutual Principal George Donnelly has 7 years of experience helping people out of jams, from solid activists thrown in cages to good moms committed to mental hospitals by ex-husbands. We have the experience, the courage and the commitment required to help you through this, until the end.

What do you do that no one else will do for me?

At Shield Mutual, we provide a comprehensive strategy for your public relations, or political pressure, defense. We accompany you the whole way. We are constantly monitoring your campaign. Is it getting the support and resolution you need and deserve? We adjust the campaign as needed whenever we see an opening to advance your cause.

In other words, we conceptualize your defense strategy, adjust it as needed and stand with you from start to finish.

No one else does this.

Some other individuals or small organizations will offer limited or discounted legal support at their rare discretion. Others will offer to sell a few of the services that Shield Mutual includes for free in our membership plans.

But no one does what we do.

What is an aid request?

When you are on the receiving end of some unwanted government action, contact us to request aid. Be sure you have a goal in mind. We will come up a strategy and a plan of action and we will do what we can to support you.

There are no artificial limits on what we will do to help you. We will do what it takes.

What can your mutual aid service do for me?

When you face some private adversity, such as a difficult economic situation, you need a ride or you need help getting a business off the ground, you can benefit from mutual aid.

Mutual aid is the voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit, according to Wikipedia. Mutual aid is just one person helping another, and that another returning the favor at some point.

Mutual aid societies in the past required a monthly membership fee but Shield Mutual’s Pay-it-Forward Society is free to join.

What can I do to harden myself against government aggression?

People who are well-known and liked get better support when they need it.

In order to maximize your chances of receiving the community support you need after a government attack, you need to be well-known.

You can do this by having a website, writing blog posts, creating videos and posting to social media. This does not require a lot of time or extensive study.

Shield Mutual’s visibility consulting will help you achieve this. It’s included with all of our plans.

Can you help me become more well-known?

Yes, our visibility consulting and training will help you register a good domain, setup a website, create multimedia content and brand and market yourself to your target audience.

What is Shield Mutual building up to?

Shield Mutual has a vision for an orderly and nonviolent transition from statism to decentralized libertarian societies. By hiring Shield Mutual for your protection needs, you are directly contributing to the power of a bloc of individuals whose influence can be recognized and accepted by state functionaries and the public at-large.

When enough of us are noticeably covered by Shield Mutual’s protection services – by the wearing of a t-shirt, badge, pin or hat or by the carrying of an identification card – and when we have collectively voiced our opposition to their aggressive ways enough times with enough vehemence, then the bureaucrats, cops, prosecutors, judges and politicians will have to reach an accommodation with us.

We will make ourselves more trouble than we are worth to them through savvy use of media, protests, communications flooding, fundraising, community organizing, lawyers and more. Through the power of solidarity and collective bargaining, we will rein in the state and allow freedom to reign in its place.

What’s the weekly intel briefing?

We share with you every week a message of inspiration, instruction or elucidation of our goals and methods.

Shield Mutual is building the societies that will take us into a new, decentralized and polycentric libertarian world. We need inspiration, tools and best practices for achieving that.

When do you expect merchandise to be available and how much is the discount?

We’re currently interviewing providers and searching for the right artist.

Paid members receive a 10% discount on all merchandise.

Are you a lawyer?

No, we are not lawyers and we do not provide legal advice.

Today, in the United States, the judicial process is stacked against the defendant. The judge and the prosecutor work for the same boss. The jury pools and selection process are stacked to pick law-and-order current or former government employees as well as relatives of government employees.

Judges give prosecutors free rein to present their case for as long as they need. The defense, however, is frequently muzzled and limited in what it is allowed to present.

Federal and state police agencies have access to more surveillance than ever before. They can (and do) procure evidence illegally or just lie, and manufacture it. They can then intimidate people into saying anything they want against you, even friends, family and associates.

When faced with such a power, defense attorneys are of limited use. That is why we use a political pressure, or public relations, defense to aid you.

What if I don’t want you to defend me in a certain case?

Just let us know. We take our orders from you.


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The Shield Mutual Vision

For what avail the plough or sail Shield Mutual has a vision for an orderly and nonviolent transition from statism to decentralized libertarian societies. By hiring Shield Mutual for your protection needs, you are directly contributing to the power of a bloc of individuals whose influence can be recognized and accepted by state functionaries and the public at-large.


We’re reaching out beyond our membership and known allies to disconnected individuals and groups who are under attack from governments and armed groups worldwide. Shield Mutual wants to inform, inspire and collaborate with those who are suffering due to aggression worldwide.

Mutual Aid

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Many Forms of Payment

We’re flexible to accept many forms of payment, including Bitcoin, all major credit cards, PayPal, Shire Silver, precious metals, checks, echecks and cash.

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