We must hang together or we will hang separately. If you believe you are the victim of aggression and were already a Shield Mutual member before the attack occurred, you can request aid from Shield Mutual here. If you were not already a Shield Mutual member prior to the attack, see the Emergency Hire page.

Mutual Aid (Pay-it-Forward Society) aid request? File it here.


Concerned about security? Encrypt your messages to us. Here is the public encryption key for [email protected]. Create your own encryption keys and use GPG or another encryption program to encrypt your emails. (Don’t forget to send us your public key first!) Need help? Check our support page.

Step 1

Please send an email to [email protected] immediately. Just to let us know that you need help so we can get ready to advocate for you. Don’t wait, do this now.

Step 2

As soon as humanly possible, write down everything you remember.

Here are some suggestions for what to send us in your full report. Please note that we can’t help you effectively until we have all the information. The faster you help us, the faster we can spring into action for you.

  • Summary: 50-100 words or less summarizing your request.
  • Goal: What do you want? Concise but complete.
  • Backstory: How did this problem come about? What’s going on? Tell us the full story.
  • Subject: Who did this to you? We need their names, badge numbers, titles, photos, contact information, etc.
  • Supporting Materials: Include links or attachments to supporting materials that substantiate the backstory or your request. These should be in formats that anyone can access, such as HTML, PDF, JPG, PNG, RTF, TXT, YouTube links, etc. Give us a picture of yourself, police reports, receipts, links, etc. If you are raising funds, include links and/or complete details to where people can donate. Pass large files easily by sharing them via Dropbox to account [email protected]
  • Contact Information: Please include your phone number and preferred email address at a minimum.
  • If multiple Shield Mutual members are asking for help, each individual should file their own request.

Send your full request for aid to [email protected] and we will get right to work. You can also use the below form (which is not encrypted).

Request Aid from Shield Mutual

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