Shield Mutual nonviolently defends you in case of arrest or other government attack using proactive public relations, crowdsourced political pressure, new and old media, digital fundraising, legal aid and the force of truth.

Shield Mutual is the agora’s first defense agency. We defend our customers from state aggression using, not armed patrols, but crowdsourced public relations, proactive leadership, digital fundraising, legal aid and the force of truth. We have already met with incredible successes for our customers and we can do the same for you. Now we’re expanding beyond a simple wait-and-watch posture to a proactive digital communications powerhouse. We also have a long-term vision for achieving the agorist evolution.

Select your plan, order now (see below) and make payment. Get Protected Now! We accept Bitcoin, Dwolla, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Shire Silver and Litecoin.

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  • Coverage
  • Website
  • ID Cards
  • The Doers Forum
  • Agora U
  • Support
  • Individual

  • $50

    per year

  • 1 adult
  • 1 personal
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
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  • included
  • Family

  • $80

    per year

  • 2 adults, all kids
  • 2 personal
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • included
  • Small Biz

  • $200

    per year

  • Business Only
  • 1 business
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Order Shield Mutual Protection Now

If you wish to sign up securely, use this public key to encrypt an email to Be sure to first send separately your public key in the clear (no encryption). Put the same information as requested below in your email.

We’re Evolving

We’re not accepting new orders or renewals. Shield Mutual is evolving again. Apologies for the inconvenience.


  • For electronic payments only, you may request your money back for any reason within 30 days of signing up, if you have not received aid.
  • If, for any reason, you are not happy with our services after having responded to an aid request, we will refund up to 1 year of membership dues to you at our discretion.
  • You must already be a member before the event occurs that prompts your aid request.
  • We will never willingly share your information with outside parties and will always resist state orders to do so.
  • Coverage starts as soon as you contact us requesting coverage.
  • Results are not guaranteed but our best efforts to protect and help you are.
  • We may update the terms at any time. We will notify you when we do.

Make Payment

To continue coverage, make payment within 48 hours. (Prices are updated on Mondays.)

  • Bitcoin: 1Wv8PimBX2WBiXvHHS4JZS2WCu4EGu48W. Individual: XXX btc. Family: XXX btc. Business: XXX btc.
  • Dwolla: Send the amount due in USD to Please pay the transfer fee of 25 cents. Individual: XXX. Family: XXX. Business: XXX.
  • PayPal: Send the amount due in USD to plus the processing fee. Individual: XXX. Family: XXX. Business: XXX.
  • WePay: Send the amount due via Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.

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  • Shire Silver: Send the amount due in grams of Shire Silver. Take a photo of your package where the cards and envelope front are visible, email it to then ship the cards discreetly and compactly via USPS to George Donnelly, 4281 Express Ln, Suite L2732, Sarasota, FL 34238. Individual: XXX g Ag. Family: XXX g Ag. Business: XXXg Ag. For other denominations, we accept Shire Silver’s MSRP.
  • Litecoin: Lh3SmoxkXkdaAtGhaA8Ut81xzzR42QM3So. Individual: XXX ltc. Family: XXX ltc. Business: XXX ltc.