The Agora Summit for Libertarian Solutions is April 16

The Agora Summit is a one-day event of up to fourteen 55-minute presentations of ideas, strategies and plans of action that will render the statist world obsolete by building voluntary institutions that simultaneously solve market problems and supplant failed statist modes of control. Anyone may give a presentation, no matter your age, ideology or geographic location. No travel costs are required. The event takes place online at Shield Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Shield Mutual’s Jury Rights Project Surrounds NYC Courthouse

Shield Mutual’s Jury Rights Project is informing New York City jurors and the NYC public of their historical right and sacred civic responsibility to nullify bad laws in the jury box during the entire month of January 2015. And maybe into February, too.

Coming Soon: Members-only forum, member websites and more.

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Don’t Take it from us

Within a few hours, George Donnelly took it upon himself to get news of my predicament out to the world. It took almost no time for him to raise the funds to get me back home, and he even bought me a ticket out of an airport without the body scanners! I made it home safe.

- Meg McLain, activist

What makes this so revolutionary is that it’s proactive. Usually when peaceful people get thrown into cages the friends and family that sympathize with the victim’s plight only begin to organize their response after the arrest. Shield Mutual is not reactionary. It’s at the ready when the State strikes.

- Davi Barker, blogger and agorist

If I had to draw up a list of activists I’d like to have working for my release and publicizing my situation were I detained by state gangsters, Shield Mutual proprietor George Donnelly would show up somewhere near the top of that list.

- Thomas L. Knapp, writer and activist

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